DREAMS COLLECTION The Dreams collection was born from my deepest dreams, where I saw the confident, sophisticated and elegant woman I always dreamed of. Carrying the woman of today to the golden age of the haute couture. A dreamlike reality. Reds, grays, dusty roses and white, create the colors of the palette, which together with the large glass appliqués form my dream collection.
QUEENS COLLECTION Collection inspired by the ladies of the world. Made and sewn fabrics hand shape silhouettes of dreamy that created this collection. Dresses that make feel to any woman, Queen for a day.
CARMEN COLLECTION This collection is the result of the personal and professional maturity. It is the essence of sensitivity and strength, as practically all the CARMEN we know. CARMEN feels, envelops you, stops the soul for you, but is also strong, fierce and with a personality that leaves no one indifferent. In this collection there is an evolution in the seams, them woven them finished. CARMEN does not need to show, or insinuating, Carmen sees it get sensual and sophisticated, moves gently but firmly.
GOLDEN SHADOWS COLLECTION Golden sparkles cast shadows of exquisite forms, a play of light and shadow, of which emerge silhouettes of sexy, sophisticated, cosmopolitan women. Beauties of the Night and day, ready at all times to seduce the eye and love that look. Size to waist, flights, garments slim and endless necklines, sculpt the silhouette delicate and complex urban diva. Organza, bartered, gauze, wetsuits and satins are the main elements of this collection. Golds and bronzes are melted in small touches of gray black and brown giving birth to our Golden Shadows. + info
ANZO COLLECTION The "Anzo" collection is inspired by the prestigious Valencian painter José Iranzo "Anzo" Spanish avant-garde key figure. "He paints and sculpts his feelings without worrying about fashion. He combines reason and madness of creation with thought and dream of the vanguard ". The collection focuses mainly on the stage of the insulation, where wonderful shapes and glitter of works sculpted garments women and sensual, refined and cosmopolitan men. Silhouettes and eclectic forms where volumes and overlaps are based on the work of the painter. Yellow, silver, white, black, gray with red brush strokes make up the color palette of this collection. Organza, gazares, chiffons, satins and wetsuits, become canvases that give texture to the work. +info
SOFIA COLLECTION Collection inspired by a female, strong, elegant, casual, sophisticated woman. All these attributes encompass the name SOFIA, shown under a sensual, determined and master of its destiny identity. High waists, large volumes, shorts, dresses and jackets, we evoke with very marked the night of the golden age of cinema silhouettes. Where the great divas enjoying female rivalry, taking it to end with the perfect dress. Mixtures of yellow, blue inks, metallic shades, orange and white complete the color palette of the collection. Silks, Mikado, splits, crepes, satins and chiffons are materials that surround and constructed SOFIA, a woman full of sensitivity and sophistication. Thanks to the artist Jose Maria Merino of San Fernando de Cadiz, the collaboration in making the accessories inspired by this collection. +info
VITALIC COLLECTION Essential, lush, dynamic and strong. These are some of the adjectives that have inspired the woman who built this new collection. An eclectic collection with an air reminiscent of the former Soviet Union, and where the art deco building dresses and recovers essential geometric shapes. "Vitalic" stands out for its marked forms, high waists, big sleeves and powerful necks that bring a touch "folk" to the silhouette, giving masculinity to the collection. Cloths, crepes, satins, wool and skins are the essential materials, which together with the pure and linear color range of black and white as a base, mustards and marine plays with providing energy to the garments. All this combination and marks the character of a strong, powerful and vibrant woman. +info
CRISELEFANTINAS COLLECTION From ancient Greece, at the time of Phidias technique to combine gold and ivory to create statues of mythological goddesses was used. It was in the early twentieth century when they became a distinctive Art Deco and Art Nouveau, starting a small figures of dancing women, influenced by the Russian ballets of Diaghilev, amazon, Pierrots and jugglers appear. +info